Solomillo Cerdo

Costilla Pistachio

TV Caras

Sea Bass with Mango Sauce

Mahi-mahi fillets with Spaguetti

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Isa Souza certainly stands out among the new generation of culinary Chefs, her natural talent, mixed by the domain of various culinary traditions, plus the knowledge and mastery of new trends and techniques of modern international cuisine, make her creations be presented with unmistakable style, combined with rare balance: sophistication, exotic, modernity and originality, virtues found only in master Chefs. ((Read More))


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"Crees que es posible mezclar la facilidad, la salud y el sabor en una sola receta? Pues bien, eso es lo que propone Isa Souza, la chef que conduce el programa de television "Isa Vida Y Sabor". Ahora, ella también ofrece esta propuesta a través de su libro, donde explica las técnicas que utiliza para crear deliciosas comidas que son sencillas y sanas, pero con un toque de sofisticación."

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Cooking with Isa Souza is fun and easy to do. Check out her videos below and start creating more love in the kitchen with your family and friends.

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